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Help us to spread the word about the #RomaGenocide. And help others to remember what happened on 2 August 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau. We need to reach 500 supporters in order for Thunderclap to send out the “Twitterstorm” on August 2nd at 20:00. If we unite all together, we can make this happen. The deadline to sign up in Thunderclap is: 02 August 2014, before 20:00. JOIN US NOW!

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Send out a customised tweets using the #RomaGenocide and #2August hashtags! Remember that the Roma continue to be the most discriminated minority group throughout Europe. Tweet to fight #RomaDiscrimination and remember the #RomaGenocide. Tweet for a better world!

NSHM European Action Day

No Hate Speech Movement is planning their upcoming European Action Day on 2 August, which marks the 70th anniversary of the remembrance day of the Roma Genocide. On this day, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the Roma Genocide, and about antigypsyism, hate speech and hate crimes against Roma in the past and present.

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  • Local commemorations of 2 August #RomeGenocide Day

    Roma Genocide Commemorations worldwide Commemorations of 2 August are taking place worldwide this year alongside the commemorations in Krakow and Auschwitz. Here you can find information about these commemorations acts and join them in case you cannot join us in Krakow and Auschwitz. If you are an organiser, you are invited to contact us to […]

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  • Pre-made Tweets; Tweet for better world!

    Send out a customised tweet using the #RomaGenocide and #2August hashtag. Create your own, or use one of the pre-made tweets below. You can automatically tweet, by clicking the Tweet button under each tweet. Let’s start! Dikh he na bister. Remember the #RomaGenocide. End #RomaDiscrimination. Join #2August! Did you know that #2August 2014 marks the […]

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  • A ‘Wannsee Conference’ on the Extermination of the Gypsies? New Research Findings Regarding 15 January 1943 and the Auschwitz Decree

    Was the persecution of the Sinti and Roma under National Socialism an act of genocide? This article posits that the conference of January 15, 1943 constituted a point of culmination for Nazi policy toward ‘Gypsies.’ Until now, researchers have attached little importance to this event, but the author will show that various actors gathered at […]

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