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A forgotten camp – Montreuil-Bellay (France)

           Montreuil-Bellay, a village of 4.000 inhabitants located in the northwest of France, hosted from 1941 to 1946 one of the 30 French concentration camps gathering Roma people. This camp has been completely destroyed after the 2nd world war and its existence as such was only recognized at the end of […]

Forgotten History-500 Years of Roma slavery in Romania

  The first attestations of the Roma appear in Romanian documents dating back to 1385(Muntenia) and 1428 (Moldova) indicating them as goods of some monasteries. Roma were treated as slaves, because they had particular skills like metal-working, carpentry and entertaining. They were of great economic value. There were three categories of slaves: Crown (state), noblemen […]

Deportations of Roma to Transnistria

During the interwar period the “Jewish problem”  figured largely in Romania but no comparable  “Gypsy problem”  ever mentioned at that time.  Romanian political parties and politicians even developed collaborative relationships with Roma leaders.  During the 1937 electoral campaign, one  journal of that time of the  National Christian Party (Octavian Goga’s party) printed a special weekly […]

The exile from Bassarabia

In the summer 1941  Marshall  Ion Antonescu, an  ally of   Hitler,  aimed  to recover  Bassarabia  and  Northern  Bucovina  from the Soviet occupation.  After  Bassarabia  and  Transnistria became part of  Romania again,  these areas were used for the deportation of  Roma. Antonescu  promoted a tough policy of ethnic purification against the Roma people.  Almost 25.000 Roma were deported […]

USC Shoah Foundation: New Multimedia Web Resource Tells Story of the Roma and Sinti

The Roma and Sinti are one of the oldest minorities in Europe, yet they face exclusion and persecution to this day. In order to facilitate better understanding of Sinti and Roma culture and history and help policymakers develop new strategies of addressing discrimination against Sinti and Roma, USC Shoah Foundation has partnered with the Center […]