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The exile from Bassarabia

In the summer 1941  Marshall  Ion Antonescu, an  ally of   Hitler,  aimed  to recover  Bassarabia  and  Northern  Bucovina  from the Soviet occupation.  After  Bassarabia  and  Transnistria became part of  Romania again,  these areas were used for the deportation of  Roma. Antonescu  promoted a tough policy of ethnic purification against the Roma people.  Almost 25.000 Roma were deported […]

Call for Participants: Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative

Language version:        EN        DE        PL       HU       RO      AL Remember the past, act in the present, and change the future! Come and join the “Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative”! Marking the 70th anniversary of the remembrance day of the Roma Genocide on August 2, we gather 1.000 […]

USC Shoah Foundation: New Multimedia Web Resource Tells Story of the Roma and Sinti

The Roma and Sinti are one of the oldest minorities in Europe, yet they face exclusion and persecution to this day. In order to facilitate better understanding of Sinti and Roma culture and history and help policymakers develop new strategies of addressing discrimination against Sinti and Roma, USC Shoah Foundation has partnered with the Center […]

Documentation ONLINE: Dik i na bistar 2013

In summer 2013, ternYpe organised its fourth consecutive international youth conference in Krakow and Auschwitz. The event brought together about 430 young Roma and non-Roma from over 20 countries; together, they commemorated the 2 August liquidation of the “Gypsy camp” at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The international conference did not focus only on the past, but aimed to: […]

Film documentation: Pravde Jakhencar 2013

In the end of July 2013, 60 young Roma and non-Roma from Albania, Germany, Macedonia and Poland came together in Zywiec, Poland, to learn more about the Roma Genocide during World War II and to fight antigypsism and racism in the present. The group was divided into four working groups: theater, comic/graffiti, installation and music. […]