Seminar “Remembrance and learning from World War II”

COE-Logo-Quadri webThe seminar will take place in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg on 19-22 May 2015. The seminar aims to promote a shared and deeper understanding of the reasons, consequences and lessons to be learned from the Second World War and its contribution to shaping common European values – democracy, rule of law and human rights, and to engage with young people on their defence and promotion of intercultural dialogue for further mutual understanding.

Call for Participants

The specific objectives of the seminar are:

  • To learn about the Second World War;
  • To share experiences on learning about and remembrance of the Second World War;
  • To remember and honour the victims of the Second World War as a contribution to the 70th anniversary of the end of the war and contribute to the perpetuation of the memory and the role of young people therein;
  • To develop a common understanding of human rights education as basis for remembrance education, and its practice in youth work;
  • To support participants in developing remembrance projects and actions with young people including human rights and citizenship education, peacebuilding and mutual understanding, volunteering and alliance building;
  • To create conditions for regular dialogue between generations and between youth from different countries about the Second World War;
  • To enhance the role of the Council of Europe, its member states and partners in the protection of democracy, human rights and rule of law in Europe by associating young people with its values and programmes.

The seminar is organised by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and the National Youth Council of Russia with support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs.

All interested candidates are invited to apply online a until 26 April 2015.