2014 Krakow & Auschwitz

Since 2010 ternYpe organizes the “Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative”. This Initiative has been realized thanks to great dedication and determination of over 70 Roma and non-Roma youth organizations that participated in the event. Our great appreciation goes to all the 8 Romani survivors who spent 5 active days with over 1000 people from 25 countries. The event was an amazing educational experience thanks to the engagement of over 80 experts, researchers and activists from different countries specialized in the topics of Holocaust Education, Roma Genocide, Human Rights and Youth Activism.

Book: Education for remembrance of the Roma Genocide: Scholarship, commemoration and the role of youth, edited edited by Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka, Esteban Acuña C. and Piotr Trojański; Libron (2015)

The book “Education for Remembrance of the Roma Genocide: Scholarship, Commemoration and the Role of Youth” is a result of this expert conference during the “Dik i na Bister” Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2014 around the 70th anniversary of 2 August. However, rather than a report from the conference, this volume – conceived as interdisciplinary, cross-institutional and inter-generational – aims at reflecting on current developments regarding the Roma Holocaust remembrance and provides basis for further discussion. The heterogeneity of voices included in this volume reflects richness of perspectives, experiences and points of view. We invited to contribute to this book Roma and non-Roma scholars of various disciplines, senior and youth Roma activists, organizations and institutions, and, most importantly, Roma Holocaust survivors. The articles included in this book have diverse formats – scholarly articles, manifests, personal testimonies, speeches and an interview. Our aim is to provide an inclusive space which uplifts non-academic knowledge to ranks of equal importance with academic discourse. Many of those, beyond providing unique perspectives, can be treated as primary sources for further research.

Publication of the 2014 Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative

Activity program of “Dik he na bister” – Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2014