2014 Srebrenica

Remembrance Event in Srebrenica

Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina – July 9th-12th, 2014

Srebrenica, 1995-2014: 19 years have passed since the genocide in Srebrenica, a little Bosnian town, during the Nineties’ wars which tore different national groups apart in the former Yugoslavia. In the frame of the project Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2014, Romska Suza, Roma Onlus, ternYpe International Roma Youth Network and its member and partner organizations come together on July 9 to 12 to remember the genocide of Roma and non-Roma Bosnians in Srebrenica.

In the frame of the project Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2014, as second step throughout a series of 6 meetings, which will see people gather in Auschwitz and Jasenovac (Croatia), among the others, we have decided to gather young people in order to make them witnesses of horrors and slaughters occurred during Yugoslavian bloody war years in the Nineties; our venue will be Srebrenica in Bosnia where some human mistakes and lack of care brought innocent people to death because of fool and uncontrollable hate between different national groups.

In this document, you are going to find some basic information concerning  events’ daily schedule, logistics and costs information regarding international and local transport, food and accomodation along 4 days meeting; additionally we want to give our young participants the main details concerning March Peace, Mars Mira, which is going to take place simultaneously to our activities, starting on 7th  July in Nezuk and arriving in Potocari on 10th , where by walking and stopping along the path, participants will be able to hear testimonies and feel deep sorrow coming from these violated lands. Feel free to take part and join the rest of the group at the end of this March, but costs coverage is not provided for food and accomodation expenses occurring before 9th.

Romà Onlus is a social promotion association working in Italy whose main target is to raise awareness through youth Roma and not Roma concerning social discriminations existing in our society. At the same time, it’s already about 5 years Romà Onlus has been organizing international events outside Italy in order to gather different organizations which face these problems in other European countries; Italian association is mainly interested in these European collective activities to focus on condition and experiences coming from the past where Roma communities have been victims and were mistreated by majority groups inside each country throughout Europe.