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This year on 2nd August, will be 70th Anniversary of Roma Genocide in Auschwitz-Bikenau. Around 1000 young people expected from all over Europe to arrive in Poland and commemorate the Roma Genocide in Auschwitz-Bikenau.

The event will start on 30th July 2014 and will end on 4th August featuring: workshops, social forum, seminars, educational activities, festival, intergenerational dialogue with eye-witnesses and survivors and many mother activities.

Good news – we will cover most of the event LIVE through social media!

Let us tell you HOW and WHERE you can follow us:

First things first: we will use two official hashtags

Official message:
Dikh he na bister. Remember the #RomaGenocide. End #RomaDiscrimination. Join #2August!

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Twitter will be our main channel for real-time coverage and conversation. We will Tweet from our official account @dikinabistar, so follow us for more live content.

Some of the sessions, especially seminars, panels, workshops and other educational activities will be live-streamed. We will stream the event in our official channel HERE. All the sessions that will be live-streamed, will be announced in advance in homepage of our website.

You missed out discussions of the day? Don’t worry; by the end of the day we will publish a summary with highlights of the day in our Storify channel HERE.

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