Programme Youth Event

2014 Program

Workshop program: Remembrance Holocaust and Human Rights Education
Morning session: July 31, August 1 in the Pedagogical University of Krakow
The Youth Event offers unique learning opportunities for participants. On 31 July and 1 August over 40 workshops and lectures with experts and activists in the field of Roma Genocide, Holocaust and Human Rights education and youth activism will take place at the premises of the Pedagogical University of Krakow. The programme includes meetings with survivors, workshops on the Roma genocide, remembrance, current issues of antigypsyism and extremism, and it allows multipliers and youth leaders to explore various Holocaust educational tools. The workshops will relate to the following topics:
1. The Roma Genocide under the Nazi regime
2. Witnesses and survivors
3. Recognition of the Roma Genocide
4. Holocaust & Remembrance Education
5. Antigypsyism and racism today: challenges for human rights

Blonia Park Krakow: REMEMBER the past, ACT in the present: testimonies, open space, social forum & interactive market, exhibition, public action
Afternoon session: July 31, August 1, August 3 in the Blonia Park in Krakow
Learn from the past and act in the present – this is one of our key aims of the youth event and remembrance initiative. Participation in this event gives great opportunities for young people from different backgrounds to be able to share and learn from the history, from experts and academics and especially from each other. During the youth event the facts from the past will be explored, as well as the present challenges and dangers in Europe will be discussed and debated.  We want to strengthen young people in their engagement to be active citizens and to become the agents of change in their communities. 50-70 youth organizations from 20 countries will take part in the event! This is a fantastic opportunity offering time for both social and professional networking activities, including a public market of initiatives and organizations, as well as space for sharing and learning in workshops.

The public program in Blonia Park includes:

1.      The Market of Youth Initiatives
2.      The Social Forum of the Roma Youth Movement: Debate & Reflection Space
3.      The Action Space
4.      The Exhibition Space
5.      Living Library and Café
6.      Film Festival
7.      Online Space and Action
8.      Cultural Festival

Blonia Park Event