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Please send us your ideas, your interest and your proposals as soon as possible. As an event program needs to be printed in time, we expect to receive all contributions at the latest by July 15th.
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The Social Forum of the Roma Youth Movement: July 31 – August 1, 2014

Learn from the past and act in the present – this is one of our key aims of the youth event and remembrance initiative. We aim to invest into a grassroots social movement of Roma and non-Roma that seeks social justice, solidarity and respect between Roma and non-Roma, and a joint movement against discrimination, antigypsyism, racism and social exclusion. During the youth event the past will be explored, as well as the present challenges and dangers in Europe will be discussed and debated.  We want to strengthen young people in their engagement to be active citizens and to become the agents of change in their communities. Over 70 (youth) organizations from 25 countries will take part in the event! This is a fantastic opportunity offering time for both social and professional networking activities, including a public market of initiatives and organizations, as well as space for sharing and learning in workshops.

The Mission

We have a strong vision to make a change in Europe. As young Roma and non-Roma we believe that we can build a European culture based on respect, dialogue, human rights and equal opportunities. We strongly follow our mission to create space for young people to become active citizens through empowerment, mobilization, self-organization and participation. ternYpe aims to empower young Roma to have a voice to become key agents of change, and to foster solidarity among young people!

Opportunity 1: Market of Organizations: Share your experience

The market of organizations gives space to Roma and non-Roma youth and human rights organizations to present their work, their experience and initiatives.

Option 1 – Design your Tent/Stall:The Market of Youth Organizations provides tents where the youth organizations can present their work, and engage visitors into discussions and short activities. For a stall you need sufficient people to be present on two afternoons. We encourage you to be creative beyond flyers and exhibitions; engage your visitors actively in short activities, a quiz, a photo-action, etc.

Option 2 – Wall of Initiatives: Especially small initiatives are encouraged to present themselves on a „Wall of Initiatives“ with photos, flyers, materials, posters. You do not have to be present all the time, but you can become visible.

Opportunity 2: Organize a Workshop or Debate!

In the Social Forum of the Roma Youth Movement several activity tents offer youth organizations to run their own activity, such as a debate about the Roma Youth Movement, about practices, or your projects, about grassroots issues from around Europe or on the strategies of youth organizations on challenging antigypsyism and racism. The activities should last between 30-45 minutes, and are directed for 20-40 participants. Youth organizations can apply until July 15, 2014 with an activity proposal.

Opportunity 3: Show Action!

The Social Forum of the Roma Youth Movement provides an “Action Space” with a graffiti wall, creative and artistic activities, and an open space “for a better Europe”. Young people and artists build together a temporary monument to remember the Roma Genocide. You can join the action space, present something or engage others in your action.

Opportunity 4: Film Festival

The Film Festival features several movies and documentaries about various topics related to the Roma Genocide.

Blonia Park Event