Hugo Höllenreiner, Sinto Survivor, deceased yesterday night

Withugoh great sadness, today we say goodbye to Hugo Höllenreiner , a great Human Being and survivor of the Roma Genocide. Rest in Peace!

Hugo Höllenreiner, 81 years old, is deceased yesterday night. Hugo Adolf Höllenreiner is a Sinto survivor of the Roma Genocide during the Second World War. Höllenreiner’s parents chose to give him the middle name “Adolf” in order to protect him from the growing threat of the Nazis. Still he was deported to the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau on 16 March 1943, where the Doctor Josef Mengele tortured him and his brother with cruel medicinical experiments. He was registered with the number Z – 3529. After being taken to the other concentration camps Ravensbrückand Mauthausen, he finally ended up in Bergen-Belsen where he was liberated by the British on 1945. Him, his five siblings, and both parents survived the Roma Genocide, but other 36 members of his family were killed. After 50 years of silence, in the late 1990s, Höllenreiner started to give numerous lectures about his experiences in schools. He also engaged himself engaged in dialogue with politicians for the commemoration of the Roma and Sinti Genocide and made a great contribution to the civil rights movement of Roma and Sinti in Germany. In 2005, he spoke at the 61st Anniversary of the Roma Genocide in Auschwitz-Birkenau as a representative of german Sinti and Roma survivors of the Genocide.In numerous interviews with the author Anja Tuckermann, Höllenreiner has talked about his fate during the Nazi era. Tuckermann received the German Youth literature prize for her book “Denk nicht, wir bleiben hier!” The book also received numerous nominations for other literature prizes. In 2007 Angelus Mortis shot a documentary about Höllenreiner’s fate. Adrian Coriolan Caspar did some interviews with Höllenreiner in 2008, which he implemented musically with his first orchestral work Symphonia Romani – Bari Duk, an oratorium for solo bass, mixed choir and orchestra.