IHRA: annotated bibliography on the genocide of the Roma

ihra-logoThis annotated bibliography of the genocide of the Roma was one of two short-term research projects commissioned in 2014 by the IHRA Committee on the Genocide of the Roma. The committee felt that essential information was not readily available, either concerning research into the genocide of the Roma or what other international organisations are doing in the field of education and remembrance of the genocide. Information on both was needed for the committee to be able to set its priorities for the coming years.

The second project resulted in the publication Roma Genocide: Overview of Organisations working on historical and contemporary issues, which gives insight into major international organisations and their programmes and initiatives to raise awareness of the genocide of the Roma and support commemoration. The aim of the committee is to work with international governmental organisations and civil society to increase knowledge about and commitment to commemorating the genocide of the Roma and to draw attention to the continuity of prejudice about Roma before, during and after the Second World War.