Open Call for Facilitators: DIKH HE NA BISTER – Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2019

This open call invites young, experienced Roma and non-Roma trainers to become facilitators in the DIKH HE NA BISTER (Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative) in the context of the 75th anniversary of 2 August – the Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. Facilitators lead an educational process of an international group of young people through a 5-day learning process about the Holocaust and about antigypsyism and human rights today. The educational process builds on the Council of Europe handbook on “Education for Remembrance: The Roma Genocide”.




DIKH HE NA BISTER – Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative 2019
Oswiecim/Auschwitz (Poland), April 27 – May 3, 2019
Krakow/Auschwitz (Poland), July 29 – August 4, 2019

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TernYpe – International Roma Youth Network, the Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma and their partners gather 400-500 young Roma and non-Roma from all over Europe around August 2nd 2019, marking the 75th anniversary of the “Roma Holocaust Memorial Day”. The initiative aims at raising awareness among young Europeans, civil society and decision-makers about the Roma Genocide, as well as about the mechanisms of antigypsyism in a challenging context of rising racism, hate speech and extremism in Europe.


  • 30 facilitators participate in a preparatory seminar in April/May 2019 in Krakow and Auschwitz (Poland); they will run the educational workshops during the 5-days lasting program in Krakow.
  • 30 national group leaders participate in a preparatory seminar in Berlin/Germany from February 27 until March 3, 2019, then prepare their groups at home, and accompany their educational process and assist the organization of the event in Krakow.
  • National groups consist of 10-20 people in Krakow: 2 leaders (experienced leader and “junior” leader” who participated before in Dikh he na bister) should have a good experience in youth work and demonstrate a high-level of motivation to engage in the initiative and to support the process of their national group. Participants should be generally between 18 to 30 years old (exceptionally at least 16 years), and should participate for the first time in DIKH HE NA BISTER. Participants of one group shall be able to assist each other language wise if translations are required (English/Romani main languages). Very few participants in each national group, who previously participated in DIKH HE NA BISTER, can ONLY join again if they take a very clear supportive responsibility for the event (e.g. media reporting, translations for new participants, volunteering). Small and new partner organizations shall set-up groups of max. 10 participants, experienced organizations in particular from bigger countries can bring 15-20 participants. The overall event will have about 400 participants.
  • Preparatory activities of the national groups at home are obligatory as a condition to participate in the event.
  • The educational event in Krakow will include 5 full program days! It starts with educational sessions in the working groups in Krakow, continues with a visit of the Auschwitz Museum; after another day in the working groups in Krakow, the group participates in the 2 August commemoration activities in Auschwitz, and a final day in Krakow allows to finish and evaluate the learning process.
  • The educational learning process: We aim to build an educational process, which allows participants in an internationally mixed but stable group to go through the experience of the whole event, meaning that all participants will stay in one group from the beginning until the end. In each group, facilitators will create a space of learning about the Holocaust, as well as of reflection about remembrance and the role of youth in addressing current challenges of antigypsyism, and other forms of racism in Europe today.


  • Roma and non-Roma facilitators and trainers of non-formal education that have already a basic experience in leading non-formal educational activities;
  • Facilitators have an experience in working with Roma youth, Holocaust Remembrance and Human Rights Education.
  • Facilitators shall speak English and/or Romanes; (other languages are an additional advantage)
  • Facilitators are willing to participate both in the preparatory seminar in Poland (27.4.-03.05.2019) and in the Dikh He Na Bister event in Krakow (facilitators arrive on 27.07., event 29.07.-04.08.2019).
  • During the preparatory seminar, the facilitators will receive content and methodological preparation, they will prepare and develop the educational process of the DIKH HE NA BISTER event in Krakow, and they will clarify their roles and responsibilities in the project.



  • Strengthen a clear vision and common understanding of the DIKH HE NA BISTER initiative;
  • Finalize the program for the DIKH HE NA BISTER event in Krakow including concrete working methods and materials;
  • Training the facilitators regarding content and educational methods in Holocaust, remembrance and human rights education;
  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of facilitators;
  • Develop the cooperation with the Auschwitz Museum, by getting to know closely the work of the museum, their educational programs, and by an exchange of experience with museum guides.


  • Dates: April 27 – May 3, 2019 (including travel days)
  • Place: 4 working days in the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oswiecim/Auschwitz,; 1 working day in Krakow
  • Funding: All costs covered by the Erasmus+ program (via Documentation Centre)
  • Participants: The seminar is attended by those 30 facilitators that will run the workshop sessions in Krakow
  • Program: clarify objectives of initiative, common understanding, approach to remembrance and human rights education, expert input on specific topics related to the Holocaust, discover methods and materials for educational workshops, clarify roles and responsibilities, finalize the program for DIKH HE NA BISTER.


How to apply? Register in the online application form:

READ the complete information pack: Call for Facilitators

Application deadline: February 24, 2019 (end of day): If you fit into the participants’ profile, you may submit an application until February 20 at midnight Central European Time. The preparatory team will select up the participants on the basis of the profile outlined above, ensuring also a balance between genders, geographical regions, different types of experiences and organizations. Within few days, we will inform the candidates whether their application has been accepted or rejected.

CONTACTS: ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network:

Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma: Emran Elmazi:



We aim to continue a wide partnership of the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative. The initiative this year is coordinated by ternYpe International Roma Youth Network, and the Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma. The youth event is funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission and the European Youth Foundation, as well as it is administratively and educationally supported by the Council of Europe through the Roma Team and the Youth Department.

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