Organizers & Partners

The initiative is organized by ternYpe International Roma Youth Network in cooperation with its member organizations, and many other partner and supporting organizations.

ternYpe member organizations

· RSO Harangos, Poland
· Roma Active Albania, Albania
· Youth Network for Development, Bulgaria
· Amaro Drom, Germany
· Romaversitas Foundation, Hungary
· Roma Onlus, Italy
· Regional Roma Educational Youth Association, Macedonia
· Roma Eduation Centre, Slovakia
· Yag Bari, Spain

Partner organizations & institutions

  • Czulent Jewish Association, Poland
  • Documentation Center of German Sinti and Roma, Germany
  • ERGO Network, Netherlands
  • Nevo Parudimos, Romania
  • Ruhama Foundation, Romania
  • BengorIn, Czech Republic
  • Fundacja Klamr, Poland
  • Phiren Amenca International Network/RGDTS, Hungary
  • Nakeramos, Spain
  • La Voix des Rroms, France
  • Rom Anticamente, Italy
  • European Union of Jewish Students – EUJS, Belgium
  • Pedagogical University im.KEN in Krakow -Rektor prof. dra hab. Michał Śliwa
  • Institute of History Pedagogical University Krakow – Director prof. dr hab. Bożena Popiołek

Donors & public supporter

· European Youth Foundation
· OSCE-ODIHR Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues
· Council of Europe Youth Department
· Youth in Action, European Commission
· Foundation EVZ (Responsibility, Remembrance, Future) – Europeans for Peace


partners (incomplete)

· Roma REACT
· Municipality of Barcelona