European Parliament
President Martin Schulz
“The aim of your initiative is one that resonates strongly with both the history and the aims of the European Union. European integration was a response to the suffering inflicted by two world wars and, even though today’s Europe is enjoying its longest ever period of peace, I can only note with concern the current rise in xenophobia, racism and hate speech. It is therefore essential to foster remembrance of the Holocaust in all its aspects, as there can be no reconciliation without truth and remembrance.
I welcome the fact that your project involves young Roma and non-Roma from all over Europe. Over
the years, the institution which I have the honour to preside over has given particular prominence to the fight for Roma inclusion and the need for a proper EU strategy to that effect. It is with great pleasure that I grant the European Parliament’s high patronage to your event.”

Polish Government Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment
Mrs Agnieszka Kozłowska – Rajewicz

Polish Government Plenipotentiary for International Dialogue
Prof. Władysław Bartoszewski

Voivod of Malopolska Region
Mr Jerzy Miller

U.N.A.R. – Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscriminazioni Razziali
Municipality of Rome