Pravde Jakhensar

Pravde Jakhenca (With Open Eyes)” July 24-04 August, 2013 in Krakow/ Żywiec (Poland)

The international youth meeting “Pravde Jakhenca” (With Open Eyes) will bring 60 young Roma and non-Roma from Macedonia, Albania, Poland and Germany together during 12 days in Krakow/Żywiec and Auschwitz in order to strengthen the youth empowerment through the recognition of the past and present discrimination and persecution of Roma. During 7 days the participants will share their experiences, explore the history and facts of the Roma Genocide and find empowerment strategies through theatre, artistic and non-formal educational methods. A joint theatre performance will be presented during the big “Youth Conference on Holocaust, Antigypsyism and Human Rights” of ternYpe International Roma Youth Network, and the youth groups will contribute to a commemoration ceremony on August 2nd in Auschwitz. A film will document the whole group process, the theatre performance and commemoration events.


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