DAY 1- July 31st, 2013: Workshops on Roma Genocide (provisional)
List of the detailed workshop descriptions

WS01 Testimony of Holocaust survivor Zoni Weisz
WS02 Overview of the Roma Genocide issue Sławomir Kapralski
WS03 Nazi occupdation and Mass Murder of Roma in Soviet territories Mikhail
WS04 The way of Roma Choli Daróczi József
WS05 Roma Genocide in Transnistria Adrian Furtuna
WS06 Genocide and Sociocide in Southeast Europe Tomas Wald
WS07 Research and collecting local stories about the genocide Mustafa Jakupov
WS08 Nazi policy towards the Roma and modern forms of commemoration Adam Bartosz
WS09 The Significance of the Roma genocide for young people in today’s Europe Piotr Trojanski
WS10 Continuities!? German politics against people stigmatized as “Gypsies” before and after the Genocide Markus End
WS11 Genocide in Srebrenica and other modern genocide Irvin Mujcic
WS12 “Attempt to deal with what is incomprehensible”.
Art inspired by the Holocaust on selected example
Krzyzstof Gil
WS13 The use of identity during the persecutions and the Genocide Anna Makówka-Kwapisiewicz
WS14 ‘Denial and justification of Roma Genocide’ as hate speech Ruxandra Pandea
WS15 Memories from the Dark Times of Genocide Karol Parno Gierlinski

DAY 2 – August 1st: Workshops on youth activism and change (provisional)
List of the detailed workshop descriptions

Working Groups on Youth Activism and Change
WG01 Look and don’t forget Human Rights! Ellie Keen
WG02 No Hate Speech Movement Action for 2nd August Ruxandra Pandea
WG03 Roma REACT online activism Gabriela Hrabanova
WG04 Strategic campaigning workshop Fotis Filippou/Amnesty
WG05 ternYpe campaigning against antigypsyism Merdjan Jakupov, Boglarka Dombi
WG06 Mechanisms of discrimination Anna Makówka-Kwa
WG07 Phiren Amenca workshop on volunteering for change Marietta Herfort, Astrid Oelpenich
WG08 With Culture against Discrimination! Nedjo Osman
WG09 Education against antigypsyism Markus End
WG10 HipHop Workshop Karoly Herfort, Mariposa
WG11 Citizen Journalism as Youth Activism Andreea Firastraeru, Catalina Matasaru
WG12 Holocaust Education – sharing experiences from Jewish youth organizations Andi Gergely
WG13 Evergreen dilemma: How to deal with extreme-right media? Marianna Jonas, Hanna Mikes
WG14 Samudaripen’s Remembrance through Insurrection’s Celebration Saimir
Mile, Pierre Chopinaud, Mirabela Margelu
WG15 Advocacy for 2 August Movement Emran Elmazi, Adriatik Hasntari