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logoThe project “eXiles-Rising awareness on antigypsyim through Holocaust education and remembrance” was based on methods of non-formal education, including working groups to share experiences and practices, interactive workshops to learn and reflect about Roma history etc. The work was based on the Council of Europe handbook “Right to Remember” and “Mirrors” Handbook to fight antigypsyism”. The handbook was developed in close connection with the Dikh He Na Bister initiative between 2011 and 2013. Based on the handbook further workshops were developed and tested over the years.


Educational handbook: 

Program of the international youth activity

Session 3 – Opening the Box

Session 4 – Roma History

Session 5 – Me and Auschwitz

Session 6 – Block 13 guided tour

Session 7 – Reflection after Auschwitz visit

Session 8 – Racism

Session 9 – Past and Present HR perspective

Session 10 – Remembrance

Session 11-12 – Preparing the commemoration ceremony

Session 13 – Testimony meetings

Session 13 – Youth Centre Program

Session 14 – Taking action today

Session 15 – Evaluation in groups


Download: complete educational package (pdf)


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