Tribute to our Hero Raymond

Dikh He Na Bister pays tribute to our friend and hero Raymond Gurême, who died in May 2020. He would be celebrating bis 95th birthday in a few days. Raymond was born into a Manouche family of actors and acrobats in France. In Nazi-occupied Europe, his family had been imprisoned in camps, like so many other Romani People under fascism. As a teenager he escaped, then he would break into these camps to feed and care for his loved ones, before boldly escaping again! His sister Henriette wrote a song about his courage. Raymond was a warm mischievous soul, always at the center of the Dikh He Na Bister Commemoration meetings. Urging us to continue his fight, and to live freely and joyfully. This is a collection of memories of our times together.

Song by Henriette Gurême
Performed by Aline Miklos
Piano by Matthew Winkworth
Film edited by Delfin Łakatosz

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