DIKH HE NA BISTER 2024 – Call for Facilitators

Dikh He Na Bister 2023 officially started

DHNB 2023 – Code of Conduct

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Training of facilitators

Open Call for Youth Ambassadors

Roma Youth Advocacy Training 2023


Open Call for Participants – Roma Youth Advocacy Training 2023

Roma Civil Society Forum on Ukraine

Commemoration in North Macedonia

Dikh He Na Bister 2022

The event aims to raise awareness of young people about the Roma genocide.

Songs of the sorrow times

Training in Paris and Raymond Gurême Tribute

A look into the future

Meeting in the Biblioteca Bon Pastor

Words which lead to actions

A moment at the sea

Raising awareness about the Roma genocide in Croatia

Training of trainers Zagreb and Jasenovac, Croatia

We invite young, experienced Roma and non-Roma trainer for a preparation meeting in Paris to become facilitator at Dikh he na Bister 2022

Open Call for Facilitator – closed

Roma Youth Statement on 16 May

A training on the digital culture of remembrance and Holocaust education

Dikh He Na Bister 2021

JOINT STATEMENT “End the war against Ukraine!” #StandWithUkraine

Commemoration At The Memorial Of The Argelèrs-Sur-Mer Camp

Commemoration and historical tour in Staro Sajmište

Local commemoration in Craiova on 2 August 2021

Call for Participants „Jasenovac and the Roma Holocaust in the Western Balkan“

Dikh He Na Bister Online – Call for Participants

Obituary for Alfreda Markowska

Tribute to our Hero Raymond

Change is Coming! Roma Youth Voices

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Education for Remembrance

Virtual Exhibition Tour in Block 13

#RomaRemember Campaign 2020

Obituary for Peter Höllenreiner

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Obituary for Raymond Gurême

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